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Plasma protein improves profits
At the production of cooked ham and shoulders the cooking yield is an important criterion. Less cooking loss (higher process yield) can be obtained at these products using plasma protein. This protein increases the yield of cooked ham and shoulders produced both with and without phosphates. In addition, an improvement of profits can be reached as a result of meat replacement (lower costs). The application of recommended concentrations does not result in sensoric deviations
of these meat products. At the production of cooked ham and shoulders plasma protein can be used by adding it to the brine or to the meat during tumbling. This can also be done in combination with other protein ingredients.

Which plasma proteins
Sonac produces different plasma proteins from porcine and bovine blood. In particular, concentrated frozen plasma and plasma powder are very suitable for application in pasteurized and sterilized ham products. At increasing content, concentrated frozen plasma and plasma powder are equally effective in reducing the cooking loss of cooked ham products. These proteins reduce the cooking loss of products both with and without phosphate. A concentration of 4% plasma protein will reduce the cooking loss of phosphate free products to the same extent as 0.3% phosphate. Plasma protein can be applied in high concentrations without negative effects on the consistency and water binding of cooked ham products. In general, high concentrations can give rise to color, smell and taste deviations, particularly in case of plasma powder. The Sonac plasma proteins distinguish themselves
by the relatively high admissible concentrations without sensoric deviations in the end products.
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Details The success factors of plasma protein
• own protein to meat
• excellent functional properties of natural protein
• reduction of cooking loss of cooked ham products
• positive effect on firmness and waterbinding
• effective concentrations without sensoric deviations
• meat replacement by concentrated plasma protein
Categories Proteins
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Origin Jamaica
Selling Points Natural Ingredients; Sustainability
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Plasma protein - Cooked ham

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