Premium Rennet Casein For Longer stretch

Product description

Casein are natural milk proteins produced from pasterusied skimmed milk coagulated with rennet or acid. With high functionalities due to their specific characteristics, caseins can be used in many different applications, from dairy products such as processed or analogue cheese to nutrition. This premium rennet casein is particularly suitable for the cheese analogues production in pizzas and prepared dishes. 
A meticulous milk selection and a particular process preserve the functionalities of the protein:

-Good water binding properties

-Stable behaviour

-Neutral milky taste

-Controlled spreading and fat release

It will provide:

. Optimised stretch

. Limited browning

. Smooth texture

. Milky taste

Our product range:
. Acid or rennet casein
. Partcile size from 30 to 160 mesh depedning on the functionality required
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Premium Rennet Casein For Longer stretch

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