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About Blue Diamond Almond Protein Powder. With its preferable flavour, texture and abundant health benefits, it is perfectly positioned to take advantage of ever-increasing industry trends for plant-based proteins and drive consumer purchase intent. Its mild flavour is sure to appeal to the large number of customers seeking health and wellness products with a pleasant taste and clean label. This Protein Powder satisfies customer taste in blends, whether as a primary or secondary source, while achieving their health and nutrition goals.

About our hemp protein powder. Our hemp partner specializes in dehulling hemp seeds using their advanced dehulling technology and patented equipment to produce purified hemp products of the highest quality; green and white hemp protein, conventional or organic. Using cold press technology, there is no compromising on flavour and nutrition, while retaining the full amino acid chain!
  • Green hemp protein is processed from whole hemp seeds. It has a green colour and a nutty flavour. This allergen-free protein comes with 30% or 50% protein, with a high percentage of fibre and a particle size of >99% through 60 mesh .  
  •  White hemp protein is processed from hulled hemp seeds. It is light in colour and has a nutty flavour. Berrico’s white hemp protein is available in 60% to 75% protein. The particle size is >95% through 80 mesh.  
 Hemp protein is positioned to thrive in the next generation of food products and can be used in three major food trends: plant-based,nutrient-dense and planet-friendly.  Both the green and white hemp protein powder are plant-based, gluten-free, vegan and contain no artificial flavours and no added sugar.
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Protein powders – Almond & Hemp

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