Riboflavin 33 1/3%

Categories: Nutrients
Watson's encapsulated Riboflavin is an orange, free flowing powder.  Each gram of coated material contains 333 mg of Riboflavin USP-FCC encompassed in a protective matrix.

Watson's encapsulated Riboflavin is an excellent source of Vitamin B2. Watson's encapsulation provide improved stability, flavor masking and the reduction of characteristic odors.

Widely used in fortification of breakfast cereals, snack foods, health foods, medical foods, powdered beverages, infant feeding products, tablets and capsules.

Benefits: Watson's encapsulated vitamins and minerals afford the benefits of increased stability, prolonged shelf life and reduction of overages, resulting in significant cost savings.  Furthermore the vitamins and minerals are effectively protected from reactions with other ingredients in the blend or finished product.  In this way, even the most sensitive or oxygen reactive ingredients can be effectively protected from the atmosphere.  A higher level of customer appeal is achieved through taste masking and minimization of unpleasant odors.  An additional benefit offered by Watson's encapsulated ingredients, is a superior free flowing characteristics.
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Riboflavin 33 1/3%

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