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offers an alternative to soy without the animal products of whey. And, Rice Protein is utilized more efficiently by the body than soy. It has a mild flavor similar to that of Cream of Rice cereal and may be used in beverages, sprinkled on cereals and yogurt, and added to cooked dishes to boost the protein content without adding a lot of fat or calories

Rice Protein contains the essential nine amino acids, plus many other nonessential amino acidsAll of the amino acids in tiba Rice Protein are naturally occurring components of the rice. With Rice Protein, after 4 hours better than 80% of the protein has been digested, compared to only about 57% for soyHypo-Allergenic – This is  the biggest healthy benefits for rice protein powder. It doesn’t contain the allergens that are typically found in whey and soy. Many individuals have allergic reactions from or intolerances to egg, dairy products like whey, and the estrogen-like compounds in soy.  making this tiba rice protein powder perfect for just about anyone interested in improving their fitness level. The actual PER number of Rice Protein is 2.75. Egg is the highest at 3.99, milk is second with 3.45, rice third, and soy is last with a PER of 2.32.Benefits of Rice Protein Powder

Excellent Amino Acid ProfileLow in Heavy MetalsVegetarian and VeganAllergen-FriendlyMuscle Recovery & StrengthThermic Effect of ProteinBlood SugarCooking with Rice Protein 

Advantages :

Rice Protein is a source of protein with excellent digestibilit Health enhancing protein source Excellent source of protein for humans especially for athletes100% suitable for vegetarianSame results at lower prices 

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Categories Proteins
Sales markets Western Europe; Central/South America
Supplied from Egypt
End-Use Categories Bakery; Food Supplements; Healthy Food & Beverages; Infant Nutrition/ Baby Foods & Infant Formula; Pet Food / Animal Nutrition; Pharmaceutical; Proteins; Ready meals; Sports Nutrition
Certifications GMO-Free; Halal; Health & Safety (GMP, HAACP and equivalents); Vegetarian

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