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ROVIMIX® E50 is an advanced formulation providing vitamin E for animal nutrition and health. After ROVIMIX® E50 was added to their diets, cows were shown to have fewer days to first oestrus and shorter calving to conception intervals. All of which is a good news for farmers aiming to improve fertility. ROVIMIX® E50 has shown to boost immune function which supports optimal growth rates and reduces mortality. ROVIMIX® E50 contains the highly bioavailable and effective form of vitamin E. It meets animal requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It is suitable for many species. ROVIMIX® E50 builds a stronger immune system, reducing a cow’s vulnerability to infections. Feeding ROVIMIX® E50 in the crucial transition period can reduce the intramammary infection rate at calving by up to 80%, cut the duration of mastitis cases in infected cows by up to 50%. That means a faster return to production & Lower herd somatic cell counts.
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Categories Nutrients
Origin Jamaica
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