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ROXAZYME® G2 is a specific blend of beta-glucanases, cellulases and xylanases which improves the efficiency of energy utilization in cereals and cereal by-products. It has shown to increase the metabolic energy of cereals by as much as 8%. By improving digestibility, ROXAZYME® G2 also improves the condition of the litter, creating a better environment for birds. It improves performance in broiler chickens, improves liveweight gain and superior feed conversion. In turkeys it shows faster growth, more efficient birds. In lying hens it shows increased rate of lay from less feed. In ducks it shows efficient feed use and faster growth. In piglets it shows improved performance. The free-flowing, low-dust and heat stable formulation of ROXAZYME® G2 makes it suitable for premix, basemix or finished feeds. It is also available in liquid form for post-pelleting liquid applications.
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Categories Nutrients
Origin Jamaica
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