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Rudolf Lietz, Inc. is a German-rooted trading house, founded 1970 by Mr. Rudolf J. H. Lietz. We maintain offices in Vietnam and the Philippines.
With our Headquarters located in Manila we have developed a product portfolio tailor-made to the needs of our clients.
In 1995 we established our representation in Vietnam and since then have carried a comprehensive product list: pharmaceutical, food, feed, petrochemical, personal and home care as well as other chemical industries.
Over 50 manufacturers from around the world have granted us exclusivity to represent them in our markets. We bring value to our customers with services that improve their products and strengthen their market position while providing best quality, on time delivery, and competitive prices.
For over 40 years, Rudolf Lietz, Inc. have been a major force in many Philippine and Vietnamese industries, representing reliable manufacturers and trading houses on a vast range of chemical raw materials, fine chemicals, pharmaceutical active ingredients, excipients, food ingredients, feed & veterinary ingredients, commodities, solvents, and industrial chemicals. Many of our principals who worked with us successfully in the Philippines for years granted us representation also for Vietnam. Business category: Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Feed and Food Ingredients, Fine chemicals and Industrial raw materials.


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