Rushdi announces patent-pending tahini

17 Feb 2017

Rushdi Foods Industries has launched Mighty Sesame Co. a creamy, patent-pending high-protein, organic and vegan tahini condiment in a ready-to-use, squeezable bottle.

Rushdi announces patent-pending tahini

Rushdi Foods Industries has launched Mighty Sesame Co. a creamy, patent-pending tahini condiment in a ready-to-use, squeezable bottle. The high-protein, organic and vegan spread is now available in 26 Whole Foods supermarkets in New York.

Mighty Sesame Co. tahini is described as a healthy, superfood-derived mayonnaise alternative, made from just a single ingredient: sesame. “Mighty Sesame Co. is the best alternative to egg-, dairy-, or mayonnaise-based dressings and dips,” said Metalya Sivan, marketing manager for Rushdi Foods. “It’s healthy, vegan, rich in vitamins and minerals, and a good source of plant protein. Rushdi produces the product according to the highest safety standards.”

Mighty Sesame Co. is organic-certified by the USDA, and is claimed to have a along shelf-life. Consumers can use the tahini in a range of recipes and options, without turning to preservatives, sugar, salt, or any artificial ingredients. The all-natural, clean-label product can be incorporated into dressings; or squeezed into smoothie blends to add a boost of protein and minerals.

The company says that Mighty Sesame Co.’s next-gen tahini is unadulterated by any additives, taking the ancient ingredient, retaining its high nutrition properties, and developing a whole-seed sesame tahini made from just one ingredient.

“Vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free consumers, and parents wanting to provide healthier plant-based options for their kids are always seeking alternatives to egg- or dairy-based dressings, dips, and spreads (such as mayonnaise),” said Sivan. “The creamy texture of Mighty Sesame Co. tahini provides consumers with a multi-purpose choice that’s perfect for an active, busy lifestyle.”

Two tablespoons of Mighty Sesame Co. tahini provide 6g of protein and 12% of daily calcium intake, making it ideal for vegans/vegetarians, the company notes.

Rushdi says it has developed a patented, automatic processing method to provide Mighty Sesame Co. its unique smooth texture, making it ready-to use without additional ingredients and allow it to blend easily with any flavour or extract, in a range of dishes from savoury to sweet.