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Organic liquid oat concentrate , obtained by the hydrolysis of oat flour using natural enzymes (GMO free). It is a dark orange colour, with an oat flavour and it is slightly sweet.
  • Labelling: non refined oat syrup
  • Uses: Dairy and vegetable products (drinks, yoghurts,desserts, ice-cream etc.). Caution: residual enzymatic activity is  possible. 
  • Functionalities : drink concentrates fro vegetable drinks, dessert, ice-cream,...
  • Packing :   bulk,  295 kg, 1400 kg 
SIPA-OAT 35 is organic liquid oat syrup, obtained by the hydrolysis of oat flour using natural enzymes (GMO free). It is a dark orange colour, with a oat flavour and it is slightly sweet. It belongs to concentrates for vegetable drinks category. Uses: dairy and vegetable products (drinks, yoghurts, etc.), biscuits, cereal-based products (bars & breakfast foods), sauces, baby food, etc. Functionalities: dairy  products (yoghurts, desserts, etc.), biscuits, ice creams, cereal-basCaution: residual enzymatic activity is  possible Certifications: EU 848/2018: organically grown products - Certisys BE-BIO-01* and Kosher. Storage conditions: 120 days in drum at <12˚C, 120 days in container at <12˚C. Packaging:  280 kg, 1400 kg
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Categories Beverages
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Australia
Origin Belgium
Measured In Kgs
Selling Points Kosher Ingredients; Natural Ingredients
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