Slivers or halves- Natural or blanched

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California almonds offers a variety of products which includes silvers or halves almonds. It is a form of almond. It is used for roasted or flavored snacks. It is ideal for stir-fries and grain dishes. It is used as a ingredient for baked goods and cereals. Texture for confectionery. It is used in topping for prepared foods and salads. It must be stored in storage containers, resealable plastic bags and vaccum packaging.
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Details For Natural-Proximates- Water: 4.70 g, Protein: 21.22 g, Lipids(total): 49.42 g, Dietary fibre(total): 12.20 g, Sugars(total): 3,89 g, Ash: 2.99 g. Minerals- Calcium(ca): 264mg, Iron (fe): 3.72 mg, Magnesium(mg): 268 mg, Phosphorus(p): 484 mg, Pottasium(k): 705 mg, Sodium(na): 1 mg, Copper(cu): 1.00 mg, Manganese(mn): 2.29 mg, Zinc(zn): 3.08 mg. Vitamins- Vitamin e(alpha-tocopherol): 26.22 mg, Thamin: 0.21 mg, Riboflavin: 1.01 mg, Niacin: 3.39 mg, Pantothenic acid: 0.47 mg, Vitamin b6: 0.14 mg, Folate,food: 50 mcg. Fatty acids- Saturated(total): 3.73 g, 16:0 Palmitic: 3.04 g, 18:0 Stearic: 0.66 g, Monosaturated(total):30.89 g, 16:1 Palmitoleic: 0.24 g, 18:1 Oleic: 30.61 g, Polyunsaturated(total): 12.07g, 18:2 lionleic: 12.06 g.
For Blanched: Proximates- Water: 4.51 g, Protein: 21.40 g, Lipids(total): 52.52 g, Dietary fibre(total): 9.90 g, Sugars(total): 4.63 g, Ash: 2.91. Minerals- Calcium(ca): 236 mg, Iron(fe): 3.28 mg, Magnesium(mg): 268 mg, Phosphorus(p):481, Pottasium(k): 659, Sodium(na): 19 mg, Zinc(zn): 2.97 mg, Copper(cu): 1.03 mg, Managanese(mn): 1.84 mg. Vitamins- Vitamin e(alpha-tocopherol): 23.75 mg, Thiamin: 0.19 mg, Riboflavin: 0.71 mg, Niacin: 3.50 mg, Pantothenic acid: 0.31 mg, Vitamin b6: 0.12 mg, Folate,food: 49 mg. Fatty acids- Saturated(total): 3.95 g, 16:0 palmitic: 3.27 g, 18:0 Stearic: 0.67 g, Monosaturated(total): 33.42 g, 16:1palmitoleic: 0.24 g, 18:1 Oleic:33.11g, Polyunsaturated(total): 12.37 g, 18:2linoleic: 12.37 g.
Categories Nutrients
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Origin Paraguay
Selling Points Bone & Joint Health; Cardiovascular Health; Children's Health F&B; Cognitive & Mental Function; Halal Ingredients; Immune Health; Kosher Ingredients; Natural Ingredients; Salt, Fat, Sugar Reduction
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Slivers or halves- Natural or blanched

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