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This series offers a number of functional ingredients obtained from native Agar-Agar and/or native K-Carrageenan by de-polymerization under controlled conditions of high pressure and high temperature.
This de-polymerization of the native hydrocolloids introduces some benefical modifications in the inherent properties of the agar and/or carrageen polymer, such as:
- Soft and smoothly spreadable gels, with pleasantly full bodied, creamy mouthfeel.
- Complete dissolution of the powder at lower than boiling temperature (~ 75°C)
With the introduction of softgelagar products, the areas of application for agar-agar and K-Carrageenan in the food industry have significantly increased.
With its unique properties, softgelagar offers the alternative for partial or total replacement of traditional gelling agent of animal origin, and/or expensive hydrocolloids to provide a particular texture, softness and creaminess.

softgelagar 50
Structure: Pasty and smooth gel
Ready-to-use powder for instant yogurt
Instant chocolate fillings
Instant spreadable jam or marmalade

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Categories Emulsifiers / Lecithins
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Supplied from Germany

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