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Sopromix functional mixtures are produced by the homogeneous mixing of components, wherein the predominant components are soybean protein products. It is functional mixtures for the food industry. The other ingredients are natural emulsifying, stabilizing and thickening agents (soybean lecithin and hydro colloids). Mixtures are formulated to provide exceptional functionality in addition to the high nutritional value. Therefore, they are exceptionally economical alternative for soybean isolates and functional concentrates in various meat products. It has very mild and pleasant flavor and a neutral odor. They disperse rapidly in water and have an exceptional capacity for water and fat emulsification, binding and emulsification. In isolated fat and water systems, Sopromix mixtures form thermally stable, homogeneous and strong emulsions under pasteurizing temperatures (90 minutes, 80°C) and sterilizing conditions (30 minutes, 120°C). It has good gelling capability and form thermally stable and strong gels under pasteurizing (90 minutes, 80°C) and sterilizing conditions (30 minutes, 120°C). It is used in meat industry. It has shelf life of 12 months. It is available packing size of net weight 25 kg in paper bags with low density polyethylene. It is light yellow in color.
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