Soprotex-N, Soprotex-H and Soprotex-B

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Soprotex are textured products manufactured in an up-to-date procedure of extruding flour made of soybean with higher protein content. It is textured soybean flour - minced and chunks. It is textured products in the form of chunks, minced and small minced. They are a source of proteins, i.e. essential amino acids and protective materials: minerals and vitamins that are significant for the entire metabolism. Anti-nutritive factors are deactivated using adequate heat treatment, thus increasing protein utilization. It has high nutritional and biological value. It characterized by a structural integrity that remains the same during hydration, cooking, sterilization and other similar procedures. It has a high absorption capacity for water, fat and meat juices, they enhance the stability of systems, prevent fat separation and have antioxidant effects. It is used in meat, bakery and catering industry. It has shelf life of 24 months.
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Soprotex-N, Soprotex-H and Soprotex-B

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