Source natural, non-GMO ingredients from the U.S.? Yes, you can.

16 Dec 2015

USA’s Midwest is home to firms devoted to supplying the highest quality, natural grains & oilseed ingredients

Some in the international food industry might not look to the U.S. as their first option for sourcing natural, non-GMO grains and ingredients, but the Midwest Shippers Association (MSA), a regional U.S. trade association, aims to change that thinking.

“The USA’s Midwest region is home to a vibrant, dedicated wide range of companies who are committed to producing the highest quality, natural food ingredients, grains, soy and oilseeds to be found anywhere in the world,” says MSA Executive Director Bruce Abbe.

“In fact, our members’ business models and supply chain operations are geared to having close relationships with their farmers, maintaining advanced identity preserved (IP) handling systems, while promoting sustainable production and processing. They utilize field-to-table systems to provide natural, non-GMO specialty grains and grain ingredients that are uniquely tailored to their customers’ needs.”

MSA can make supply lead inquiries and connections for food manufacturers to as many as 40 Midwest USA member companies involved in a range of high quality food ingredient grain products. They include: peas, lentils and pulses; cereals, brans and milled grain products; non-GMO, high protein food grade soybeans; wheat, oats, barley and small grains; flax, sunflowers, borage and oilseed ingredients; edible beans and more. Third party verification and auditing is available and often used.

Food manufacturers can inquire or make a trade sourcing request through MSA’s web portal at

Asian food manufacturers, particularly soy food companies, have long been the primary international market for Midwest Shippers member companies have long exported IP food grains and soybeans.
Most recently, the organization participated at the Food Ingredients Europe/Natural Ingredients exhibition in Paris, France December 1-3 to re-emphasize the interest of U.S. natural grain suppliers in serving the European food industry.

Source natural, non-GMO ingredients from the U.S.? Yes, you can.

Three of MSA’s leading companies also joined the trade mission to FIE, including:

  • Grain Millers, Inc. – a global supplier and processor of non-GMO and organic oats, wheat, rye, flax, food soybeans, corn ingredients, ancient grains, brans, flours and milling products for cereals, baking products and more. Headquartered in Minnesota, Grain Millers has operations in several North American locations.
    • SB&B Foods, Inc. – SB&B is a global supplier of non-GMO and organic premium soybeans for use in making soy milk and a range of Asian and international soy food applications. The company also sources and supplies food grade white sorghum, plus high protein wheat and rye for food uses.
      • SK Food International, a global supplier of a full line of premium quality, identity preserved, non-GMO and certified organic grain ingredients, including the firm’s new “Ancient Grisps” product line in the growing ancient grains category.

      “Our companies are particularly geared to developing long-term relationships with their customers and their growers. The aim is to develop more of a continual tight supply chain partnership for sourcing unique, special trait grain and soy ingredients customers desire for their own branded unique foods,” Abbe said. You can learn more or place a trade inquiry at, or email

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