soya protein isolate

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Protein on dry matter: min 90%
Moisture: max7.0%
Fat: max0.5
Ash: max6.0
PH: 7.0±O.5
Crude Fibre: max1.0%
Colour: light
Flavour: neutral
Standard plate count: max. 30000/g
Yeast & Moulds: max. 100/g
E.Coli: negative/1g
Salmonella negative/25g brhrbr1.WDFPRO930/E
WDF-PRO930/E is a type of soya protein isolate characterized by good dispersibility, disperse staility, dissolution stability, dust proof (930E is coated lecithin), low heat, higher nutrition and against any lactose trouble (excuding lactose ).
Applications: It is also widely used for solid powder and healthy drinks by dry beverage mixes, Meal replacement drinks, dry blend mixes.

WDFPRO 950/E is a kind of food additive used in food manufacturing for its nutritional value and functionality that are solubility and excellent performance in water binding and fat emulsifying. It(950E) is dust free product that is coated lecithin to avoid more dust during the production.
Application: Emulsified meat productsn, poultry and fish products, surimi, marine products, frozen food, bread, vegetarian food, etc.

WDFPRO930F a specially processed soy protein hydrolyzed characterized by good dispersibility, disperse staility and dissolution stability
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soya protein isolate

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