Soybean round unleavened flat cake Biopro 60

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Biopro 60 is an unique source of proteins, essential amino acids, oil, lecithin, minerals and vitamins soluble in fats. It is manufactured out of healthy, NON GMO soybeans, in a particular hydrothermal treatment, during which the oil is extracted out partially. Hydrothermal-treatment and pressing without usage of any chemical solvents, result with decomposition of polysaccharides to the simple sugar molecules, making them easier to digest and more available for usage by the animal digestive tract. During the hydrothermaltreatment all anti-nutritious factors are inactivated. Soybean cake is used as protein and energy feed in nutrition of young animals and animals in growth, with much better effects than soya bean meal, due to lower level of cellulose and hull, and considerably higher energy value. Soybean cake contains along top quality proteins also and high amount of energy, mostly from oil. Color: pale yellow to pale brown, smell: characteristic for soy and taste: characteristic for soy. Usage: The product is used as one component or as a protein feed in mixtures for finished feed. It is a major source of proteinand protective micronutrients, minerals,vitamins, essential amino acids in the diet for all categories of domestic animals. Storage conditions: Keep in dry, cool place, safe from external influences. Shelf- life: 6 months in original packing. Package: 10kg, 40kg three layer craft bags.
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Categories Colours; Flavours and Spices; Nutrients
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Origin St. Helena
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Soybean round unleavened flat cake Biopro 60

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