Special gelatins and Instant

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Gelatin is a natural, soluble protein in water and has great application in food products such as candies, aerated, drageados, extruded snacks, beverages in general and chocolates.Gelatins of Gelita have ease of dispersion and solution viscosity and bloom varied and good water retention capacity, all of which are important properties in the final product.


This innovative Gelatin was developed to partially replace fat in chocolate, allowing a reduction of up to 25% of the fat without changing the sensory characteristics. This reduction associated with the total withdrawal of sugar in chocolate, makes the light product in calories, which is the only solution on the world market light chocolates in calories and fat.


Instant Gelatin 700

The Instant Gelatin 700 may be applied in the replacement of fat cookie fillings, instant desserts in presenting several advantages such as:

• Soluble cold • Does not require heating; • Time-saving, process;• Practicality and convenience; • Provides creaminess and aeration, and texture; • Good mixibilidade; • Results in smooth filling without grittiness, crystals or lumps; • Instant 700 does not alter the melting mouthfeel; as some emulsifiers.

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Special gelatins and Instant

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