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Specidol OL is a vegetable oil containing 22% omega:3 α-linolenic acid (ALA). It can replace all or part of the fat phase, giving the final product an added value as containing omega:3. Possible applications for Specidol OL are spreads, dairy products, salad dressings, bread etc. Specidol OL is an excellent ingredient for nutritional foods. It is a ready-to-use oil formulation with 22% omega-3 that can replace all or part of the fat phase, giving the end product a healthier nutritional profile. Specidol OL is stabilised and carefully handled during production, through the exclusion of oxygen. The product has excellent sensory properties and provides a good taste stability which is needed for good manufacturing. Specidol OL is based on top quality non - GMO vegetable ingredients The production is monitored by state of the art quality control systems. Specidol OL is delivered in drums or bag-in-box, Bag-in-box makes handling easy by providing the possibility to take out small quantities without exposing the whole product to oxygen. As all polyunsaturated fats, Specidol OL must be handled with care in food applications. Shelf life for Specidol OL: Stored frozen – 12 months <18˚C in unopened drums or bag-in-box, Stored chilled: 6 months < 8˚C in unopened bag-in-box, 3 months < 8˚C in unopened drums, Stored in room temperature: 1 month in unopened drums or bag-in-box.
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Categories Fat Replacers; Flavour Enhancers; Nutrients
Supplied from Nepal

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Specidol™ OL

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