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Sporevia™ (Bacillus subtilis ATCC122264) is a resilient, spore-forming probiotic that offers signature durability for versatile viability across a wide range of supplement applications and formats.

It’s a highly stable probiotic with the ability to survive most processing environments, an extended shelf-life up to 30 months, and the journey through the digestive tract.

Scientific research supports the safety and viability of the strain.

Sporevia is Kosher + Halal certified. It is not formulated with any allergens, gluten, animal products, or genetically-modified ingredients.

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Categories Probiotics
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; North America; Central/South America
Product Applications Dietary Supplements
Product Certifications Gluten-free; Halal; Kosher; Sustainable Seafood

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Sporevia® Probiotic

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