Sunflower Polysaccharide Extract - Livestock Application

Product description

A complex feed additive intended for inclusion in the diets of all types of agricultural and domestic animals as an antioxidant, phytobiotic and electrolyte. Available as a thick water-soluble extract. It has a 100% natural composition, without the addition of dyes, preservatives, flavorings.

Also intended for inclusion in the diets of horses in order to improve metabolism, restore intestinal microflora, to stimulate sexual function, as an immunomodulatory agent, including the diets of horses carrying increased training or competitive loads. In this case, it allows horses to withstand long loads and restore the balance of salts. Due to the high content of antioxidants, horses can more easily tolerate hypoxic stress, and their performance in long-distance events and disciplines that require increased endurance. It affects the elimination of lactic acid and rapid recovery of muscle tone.

- eco-friendly product
- NON-GMO by origin
- does not contain formaldehydes
- does not contain colorants, preservatives or flavorings
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Categories Botanical Extracts
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Central/South America
Supplied from Russian Federation
End-Use Categories Pet Food / Animal Nutrition
Certifications GMO-Free; Halal; Kosher; Vegan; Vegetarian

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Sunflower Polysaccharide Extract - Livestock Application

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