Sunson® PRN60

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Sunson® PRN60 is a neutral Protease which made from Bacillus subtilis No. 1.398 through fermentation and extraction technique. This product can hydrolyze protein into low molecular peptide and amino acid. It is mainly used in the industry of fuel ethanol, leather softening and depilation, silk degumming, plant and animal proteolysis, brewing and feed additives etc. Appearance: Snuff color in powder. It is mainly used in brewing,digestion and health protection.also well used in exfoliare for cosmetiic, food additives and other production to hydrolyze protein/yeast into low molecular peptide and amino acid. Packing specification: Powder products: 25kgs/bag. Storage: Should be stored in a dry and cool place, avoiding high temperature.
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Sales markets North America
Supplied from China

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Sunson® PRN60

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