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Milk from mammals contains droplets or globules of fat. The outer layer of these globules are called the milk fat globule membrane (MFGM). MFGM contains bioactive components such as certain proteins and complex milk lipids including phospholipids and gangliosides. Evidence suggests that MFGM and its components may play an important role in brain development and cognition, protection and digestive health. Human milk is the ideal way to feed a baby, but when an infant is unable to be breastfed, then cow’s milk ingredients can provide an alternative source of complex lipids through its MFGM. Cow’s milk provides one of the closest phospholipid profiles, in particular sphingomyelin content, to human milk and is the only alternative source of gangliosides. Surestart™ MFGM Lipids are inspired by the MFGM profile of human milk for use in paediatric applications. Our innovative ingredients SureStart™ MFGM Lipids can be used to achieve an infant formula composition closer to that of human milk.
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Categories Nutrients
Supplied from Netherlands; New Zealand
End-Use Categories Infant Nutrition/ Baby Foods & Infant Formula


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