Why Shall we buy MICROALGAE?, promoted by Allmicroalgae

29 Oct 2021


"Why Shall we buy MICROALGAE?", promoted by Allmicroalgae

The Webinar “Why shall we buy microalgae?”, promoted by Allmicroalgae, aimed to present and share the company’s latest news, developments and investments in microalgae, its products and applications, to its business partners, academic associates, employees, suppliers and the general community.

This Webinar is composed of a panel of five distinct company speakers: Eng. Júlio Abelho (General Manager); Joana Laranjeira Silva (Plant and R&D Manager); Maria Soares (Senior Fermentation Technician); Inês Guerra (MSc Research Fellow – PhD Student, AlgaValor Project); and Carla Lima (Business Development Team). It is also attended by Hugo Pereira, Innovation Manager at GreenCoLab, and Anabela Raymundo, Assistant Professor at ISA and member of LEAF (Linking Landscape, Environment, Agriculture and Food) , where they addressed market trends and food innovations, respectively, in the world of microalgae