Tosla’s clean sugar reduction solution for the Bakery Industry: Bakertose™

24 Nov 2017

Increased awareness in sugar-related illnesses is a key driver of innovation in the Food and Beverages Industry. The Bakery sector is no exception. Consumers do not only crave for sugar-reduced products, but want natural (and traceable) ingredients, with no compromise on taste. 

»We know that satisfying these demands during product re-formulation is a headache for the NPD teams. Sugar is unique as it plays several roles on top of delivering sweetness. It is a preservative, bulking agent, texturing agent, and it increases the visual appeal (Maillard) of most bakery products. « says Primoz Artac, CEO of Tosla.

Reducing sugar while keeping the label “clean” with no compromise on taste is no small feat. We love such challenges at Tosla. We developed Bakertose™: a clean label sugar reduction ingredient. It contains no intense sweeteners, is free of unwanted chemical residues, a source of fiber, easy to mix, and it lowers water activity. And its production process is 100% natural!

Tosla’s clean sugar reduction solution for the Bakery Industry: Bakertose™

At Tosla we re-invent SWEET for you

Tosla, a food start-up from Slovenia, is an innovator in the sweeteners industry. Building on the consumer's demand for natural products we deliver clean nutritional solutions. Innovation is in our DNA. We provide the food and pharma industries with high quality natural solutions to make your product healthier. Tosla's products are used in various segments from gourmet to various industries: dairy, confectionary, pastry, bakery, tobacco, beverage as well as health and pharma.

For more information, please contact Primoz Artac, [email protected]

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