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VevoVitall® is an ultra-pure source of benzoic acid and is an excellent feed preservative. It reduces the activity of micro-organisms on feed and is particularly effective against fungi and yeasts. VevoVitall® doesn’t just work on feed. It also works inside the animal to reduce the presence of pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella which are responsible for causing digestive disorders. This creates a healthier, more effective gut and promotes higher performance. It also acidifies urine pH and therefore reduces ammonia emissions from pig houses. VevoVitall® focuses on improving what swine farmers find most important. It improves daily weight gain, feed conversion. It greatly reduces diarrhea, resulting in lowered use of medication. It improves the environment by reducing ammonia emissions. VevoVitall® gives swine farmers the fast-growing, efficient, healthy and profitable animals they need, while lowering ammonia emissions at the same time. VevoVitall® is a safe source of benzoic acid for livestock use. It is easy to handle, with low odor and low corrosion.
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Categories Nutrients
Origin Jamaica
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