Visit us at booth 11.1D91 and discover the soluble fibre assets of Malian gum arabic

30 Oct 2017

Dear FI Visitor,

Gum arabic is a key source of soluble dietary fibre as well as being a very effective and reliable stabilizer and thickener for use in functional & health foods, sauces and seasonings, beverages, vegetarian and dairy foods, desserts, confectionery and ice cream. Current global demand is estimated annually at 106kt and, with global supply at an annual average of 58kt, this indicates a shortfall of around 48kt thus a need for an increase in supply.

During 2016, Mali exported 5760 tons of controlled gum arabic, compared to 2364 tons in 2105. At present, there are about twenty professional exporters of gum arabic, and the country's potential for production can be estimated at approximately 10kt annually spread across 73000 acres of land.

With such an important potential for growth in production and recent developments in infrastructure, improved logistics and the lifting of trade barriers, we are collaborating with Giract - a leading transnational business research and consultancy organization specializing in food ingredients, additives and related fine chemical and technologies -  and have selected several of Mali's primary  gum arabic exporters, collectors and heads of missions from Produits du Sud, SOMIVAP, SODEPAM, Société de Produits Sahéliens, SOATAF, UMOCIR and SCOOPS to promote the entire Malian Gum Arabic sector during FI Europe in Frankfurt.

We are confident of the advantages and sustainability of the ingredient from Mali, and, as a key user of gum arabic, wish to meet you during your presence at the show in order to present the product in more detail. 

Should you wish to arrange a meeting, please use the “book a meeting” function provided on the ingredients network website or contact me by email or phone using the contact details below.

We look forward to meeting you,

Best regards,

Olivier Sutter
Senior Consultant
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