VT-Pro BOVINE PROTEIN (Fibrillar callagen)

Product description

VT-PRO BOVINE PROTEIN (FIBRILLAR COLLAGEN) is a connective tissue protein containing no impurities; protein mass fraction is min. 99% (k = 6.25).
The innovative technology developed by JSC "Volga Tannery" allows preserving valuable collagen products rich in protein.VT-PRO BOVINE PROTEIN (FIBRILLAR COLLAGEN) is a homogenous consistency product; it is produced in form of a powder having three grades depending on the grinding size: S (superfine), F (febrillar), M (medium).
Organoleptic characteristics, physical and chemical, functional and processing properties of the VT-PRO BOVINE PROTEIN (FIBRILLAR COLLAGEN) are similar to imported protein samples, which allows to substitute imported proteins, obtain more stable nutritive systems and ensure stability of food product quality.

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Categories Proteins
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Asia
Supplied from Russian Federation

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VT-Pro BOVINE PROTEIN (Fibrillar callagen)

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