Watson’s EZ-PressTM Xylitol DC

Watson’s EZ-PressTM Xylitol DC was formulated for direct compression tableting and has excellent flow and good compressibility. Applications include a direct compression diluent for tablets, compressed mints, and smooth-dissolve tablets. Rapidly soluble in the mouth and very smooth mouthfeel. Tablets have good hardness, low friability, and rapid dissolution.

Xyitol is a sugar alcohol (polyol).

Benefits of Xylitol as a sweetener:
  • Taste: excellent taste, comparable to sucrose
  • Aftertaste: None
  • Very smooth texture that solubilizes readily in the mouth
  • Sweet and cool, refreshing effect which pairs well with mint flavors
  • Xylitol is found in nature in some vegetables and fruits, including berries. Xylitol is naturally produced in small amounts by the human body through metabolic processes.
  • Significantly fewer calories than sucrose.
  • Low Glycemic index of 10, compared to the sucrose standard of 65.
  • Maybe be suitable for a diabetic diet
  • As with all sugar alcohols, Xylitol is not metabolized in the oral cavity, and therefore will not contribute toward tooth decay.
  • Studies have shown significant benefits to oral care, including the reduction of plaque, caries, and bacteria, as well as the prevention of tooth decay.

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Watson’s EZ-PressTM Xylitol DC

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