Company Brochure

6 Nov 2020


Company Brochure

We are passionate about flavours and fragrances. Get to know Bell as an innovative partner who will competently support you from the first idea to a successful market product.

As a successful family-owned business, we represent reliability and creativity. Our core competencies include customised solutions for the food and beverages industry, the household and personal care sector and the perfume industry.

Our passion for fragrances and flavours builds on the tradition of our well-known predecessor Schimmel & Co. Where Nobel Prize winners once studied the distillation of essential oils, today dedicated employees work in Research and Development, Production, Marketing and Sales in an international environment. To protect people and the environment, product safety and sustainability are our top priorities.

Our work is focussed on innovation and efficiency. This is reflected in our state-of-the-art facilities and continuous process...