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Wuhan Chortle Bio-Chem. Technology Ltd. (CBC) is a high-tech company focusing on bio-chemical technology research and development. It is established by returnees with their technology and capital. CBC is located in Wuhan Eastlake High-Tech Zone, one of the national high-tech zones in China. CBC is also one of major the companies in National Agricultural Science and Technology Park in Wuhan. CBC takes its technical advantage to develop new food and feed ingredients with strong support from Innofund, the fund for innovation. One of its major technical breakthroughs is the development of HYDROLYSED WHEAT GLUTEN(HWG), which was the first product in its kind in China and reached to international standard according to a scientific panel organized by Department of Science and Technology of Hubei Province. The company is focusing on the cereal industry based on the strong technical support from The University of Hong Kong and Wuhan University. CBC also established its own research center led by returnees from abroad. These give CBC continuous and sustainable supply of technology and new products. The first project of CBC was completed with a capacity of 3000mt/year of HWG. The product has already found its market in China domestic and Southeast Asia. European and US markets are under development. The mission of the company is BRING HEALTHIER LIFE TO PEOPLE WITH INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY. CBC core value is SEEK FOR EXCELLENCE BASED ON INTEGRITY. We strive to establish our reputation by providing our customers with the best products quality and best services.

Wuhan Chortle Bio-Chem. Technology Ltd.

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