Yunlin Yuanchang Poultry Product Coop

Yunlin Yuanchang Poultry Product Coop


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Natural ingredient is the best resource of health;YJC is famous for its processing to retain the natural taste of the best ingredients. Not too much non-natural additives, YJC not only adopts the most advanced German technologies and practices the strict Japanese manufacturing processes, but also avoid adding harmful chemicals to make our products.

We are engaged in the promotion of concentrated waterfowl incubation, initiation of a processed poultry meat product enterprise, introduction of a diversified range of safe and hygienic waterfowl products of superior quality, and engagement in a successful win-win-win warehousing, production, and marketing triumvirate that benefits consumers.Our products include:-

- poultry breeding and incubation

- livestock and poultry product storage, chilled and frozen, plus adjustment of supply and demand; processing and manufacturing; specialist in OEM production of meat products.

- Supplier of processed poultry products to national military.

We obtained HACCP international certification in 2005, and ISO22000 international certification in 2008.


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Sales markets Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, North America, Africa, Central/South America

Yunlin Yuanchang Poultry Product Coop

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