65 Oats by Kinnusen Mylly

65 Oats by Kinnusen Mylly


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The new frontier in oats

Our family mill in Utajärvi, Finland, at the 65th parallel north, is the northernmost oat mill in the world. It is one of northernmost areas where oats can be grown.

What makes our oats unique

Up here we grow the best and purest oats in the world. Our family’s long traditions and professional skills combined with unique nature make this arctic treasure an unparalleled ingredient for the most delicious, feel-good oat products.


Good taste and purity are signs of quality. For us, gluten-free also mean purity, since oats are naturally gluten-free. Our new state-of-the-art mill is one of the rare mills to be dedicated exclusively to processing gluten-free pure oats. We want our oats to remain pure throughout the chain to ensure that they can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

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Primary business activity Manufacturer: Ingredients / Additives
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65 Oats by Kinnusen Mylly

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