Frequently Asked Questions

What is
Ingredients Network is the world’s leading online directory for global sellers of ingredients used in food, nutraceuticals, supplements and functional food & beverages. Ingredients Network provides daily news and analysis on the latest consumer trends, innovative product launches, global market developments, and supply chain solutions to food, beverage, and nutraceutical companies around the world.

Do I need to register to view this site?
No: Viewing the directories and learning about new events is available to everyone.

I am a verified user, but I can not login to my profile. What can I do?
Please try resetting your password by selecting the ‘forgot password’ button. If you do not receive an e-mail please contact our Customer Service team via [email protected] – we will be more than happy to assist you.

I am experiencing issues uploading company products. Can I bulk upload all of my company’s products at once?
Yes, contact [email protected] with “Bulk Upload” as the title of your message. A representative will provide you with our Bulk Upload template.

What is the difference between a Supplier and a Buyer?
Professional Buyers can contact suppliers, inquire about products, and send meeting requests. Suppliers can access these parts of the site, as well as create their company profile and add products to the directory.

How do I become a Supplier?
If you are an exhibitor with a participating event for Ingredients Network, the supplier access fee is included in your exhibitor fee. After you have paid your fee, register as a user on Ingredients Network. Then contact our support team at [email protected] to let them know you’ve registered. They will create your supplier profile, and can answer any questions you have about using this tool.

If you are not an exhibitor: Contact [email protected] and you will be connected with a member of our team to discuss your next steps to gaining supplier access.

How long do I have supplier access?
It is a yearly membership.

We have multiple Company Profiles. How can I delete or merge these profiles?
In order to merge or remove profiles please contact our Customer Service team via: [email protected]. We will assess the account data and carry out a transfer of your products for you.

What is the difference between a Company Profile and an Event profile?
The Company Profile is used to display your company details and products to buyers on Ingredients Network. Your Event Profile ensures that attendees to an event can find your company and brand details.

Where can I check to see how many visitors have seen my profile?
You can visit the leads and statistics page to view this information.

How do I purchase ad space on the site?
Pleased visit Ingredients Network Contact for Advertising and Sales enquiries.

What is the difference between the Complete and the Premium Packages?
The Complete Profile lets you upload your products and services, letting buyers find you online.
The Premium Profile which is our Best Value Package, helps you with Lead generation and increasing brand awareness. You are getting all the benefits of the Complete Profile plus:

* Your products listed at the top of every relevant search result on Ingredients Network.
* Your products featured and rotating among the "Top Selected Products" on the homepage of Ingredients Network.
* Your company highlighted as a "Featured Company" on the homepage of Ingredients Network.
* All the content you post on your profile, such as brochures and articles, featured on the homepage of Ingredients Network.

Why is the Premium Package Best Value?
Our Best Value Package helps to generate Leads and increase brand awareness. The Premium Profile generates on average 24x more profile traffic and 66% more leads. Please check Memberships ( for all the details.