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With food & nutrition manufacturers from all over the world searching for ingredients on this global marketplace,
Ingredients Network is the place for building new business partnerships, product & brand awareness.

Packages available

Complete Profile

Complete Profile

Be visible online 365 days of the year with a Complete Profile. The Complete Profile lets you upload your products and services, letting buyers find you online.

1,250 / year

Upgrade to Complete
  • Company page on Ingredients Network with your logo and description
  • List your products on Ingredients Network to reach buyers 365
  • Upload news articles, whitepapers, videos, and brochures
  • Receive leads and meeting requests directly in your inbox



Premium Profile

Premium Profile

Best Value Package to generate Leads and increase brand awareness. The Premium Profile generates on average 24x more profile traffic and 66% more leads.

3,000 / year

Upgrade to Premium

All the benefits of the Complete Profile plus:

  • Your products listed at the top of every relevant search result on Ingredients Network
  • Your products featured and rotating among the "Top Selected Products" on the homepage of Ingredients Network
  • Your company highlighted as a "Featured Company" on the homepage of Ingredients Network
  • All the content you post on your profile, such as brochures and articles, featured on the homepage of Ingredients Network


Benefits of Ingredients Network at a glance

Be seen 365 days a year

Enjoy online visibility 365 days a year,
and boost presence via SEO

Quality Leads

Generate high quality leads
for your business

Your brand in the Spotlight

Showcase your brand and products
at Fi Global events

Hassle-free Connection

Receive ‘Requests for information’
and Meeting Inquiries directly

What Ingredients Network can do for your company

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