A 2021 full of innovations!

25 Nov 2021

Naturis presents the new products that will be introduced at Fie 2021 in Frankfurt.

We would like to present the new products of our Impulses range”, the Crunchy Cereals: Oat, Spelt, Buckwheat, Barley and Rye in a "Ready To Snack" version. Suitable for many applications such as bakery, muesli, energy bars, or as topping for soups, salads, cakes or ice cream. Also perfect for as an inclusion on chocolate bars!

A 2021 full of innovations!

As to the BestMatchin'  brand we have two new products:  the "Cream Maker" pre-gelatinized flour (innovative for its fat mimetic and thickening capacity), and the Nerone (black) rice flour (rich in anti-oxidants such as anthocyanins, anti-ageing and anti-free radicals) as usual with a view to clean label, gluten free and vegan.

Last but not least, for our ReadyToDo there are two new quick-cooking pulses: Azuki beans, rich in potassium, molybdenum and zinc, fiber and protein but low in fat, and the Mung beans, rich in protein, fiber and mineral salts and naturally low in fat and calories.

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