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A new corporate identity for Faravelli

11 May 2018

A new visual identiy, a new adv campaign and website to promote its message "a new way of looking at the future, continuing to be oneself, with style"

A new corporate identity for Faravelli
faravelli new website homepage

2018 marks for Faravelli – global leader distributor of ingredients and raw materials for all industry fields - the beginning of a new “era”. A new way of being oneself for a solidly Italian family business with a strong cosmopolitan spirit, always projected into the future while remaining a proud guardian of its past.

An operation that involved all the touchpoints of the brand, from the coordinated image to the communication formats, passing through the creation of the first "Brand Manual", to give value to an exciting story which started 92 years ago in Milano thanks to the talent and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Giusto Faravelli

The starting point of the entire rebranding operation was the revisiting of the company logo; a "soft" restyling, in which traditional colors and shapes were purposely maintained while working on new graphic and textual balances.

The real turning point is actually conceptual: unique for all the group's companies and with the name synthesized in FARAVELLI tout court, the new logo expresses the precise intention to present the company as a sole system and sole identity.

Completely new to the logo was the creation of a corporate pay-off - "The Best Ingredient". Evocative of the core business, it is at the same time figurative and strongly assertive. Its purpose is to highlight that FARAVELLI not only distributes the best ingredients for the industry but has always been above all a strategic partner serving the customer.

In fact, FARAVELLI is the best "ingredient" for a successful business.

The new corporate identity is also the absolute protagonist of the creativity of the new multi-subject campaign “The Best ingredients”

The brand is interpreted through eye-catching visuals with an aim to give the new identity the maximum visibility.

Finally, a new website (in fact, seven: one global and one for each local office, in the context of the "think global act local", the path taken by the company since its foundation).

Easy to navigate both from desktop and mobile, it is characterized by an alternative visual format and a showcase where customers and suppliers will find information on the many activities that FARAVELLI carries out in Italy and in the world.

"FARAVELLI proposes itself with a new coordinated image, more innovative, coherent and international and looks confident in the future, while continuing to be itself - says Luca Benati, CEO - The new Corporate Identity was designed to give value to an exciting story that we have been living for more than 90 years, under one brand for the entire system made up of highly professional people, operating in every part of the world. "

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