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ADM highlights the power of postbiotics at Vitafoods Europe [Video]

7 Jun 2024

At this year’s Vitafoods Europe in Geneva, global nutrition trailblazer ADM showcased the power of postbiotics, when combined with prebiotics and plant-based proteins, in addressing the holistic health goals of active consumers.

In a wide-ranging interview spanning consumer trends, new innovations and industry challenges, Bastian Hoermann – the leading company’s Global Marketing Director for Sweet Goods and Dairy – discussed ADM’s unerring focus on “nutrition, functionality, and consumer-based innovation”, and introduced the opportunities presented by ADM’s new postbiotic, ES1 (also available in a heat-treated version).

ADM highlights the power of postbiotics at Vitafoods Europe [Video]
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The ADM executive spoke of the key health and wellness trends this award-winning postbiotic – backed by new clinical studies focused on digestive health – addresses in the sports and active nutrition space, alongside how it rises to the challenge of supporting individuals in addressing obesity, IBS and other gut-related conditions, and metabolic issues.   

In the area of Sports Nutrition, Hoermann observed that digestive health – and specifically “the connection between the stomach and the brain, with the performance of the body” is a key focal point of consumer interest right now. He further spoke of how  ADM is drawing upon its considerable expertise in postbiotics and probiotics, together with plant-based proteins, to deliver the concepts and solutions that customers are seeking out to meet this growing demand.

Consumer sentiment is currently focused on a holistic approach to health, observed Hoermann, including an emphasis on “the gut-brain axis, and how the microbiome can influence your body’s performance”. He noted a shift in sports nutrition – from the “high-performance, muscle-gain area” towards a more holistic “active nutrition” focus on daily supplementation aimed at “performing well, performing higher”.

Gut health, metabolism, and immunity” all figure in terms of the functionality required of a product to achieve such holistic wellness goals. And in terms of ingredients, Hoermann advised that could compose protein content, and a microbiome solution, although he was keen to stress that it also “needs to taste great if you’re going to consume it every day.

In the post-Covid-19 era, Hoermann emphasised that a tightening of supply chains when looking at the industry-wide global picture meant that “supplying the right quality, especially when it comes to plant-based, to markets locally, where it’s needed – and securing that supply” were crucial factors for businesses seeking reliable and sustainable ingredients partners. Equally crucial was the need to provide the key functionality through those ingredients that consumers are seeking out in the sports and lifestyle nutrition segments.  

Hoermann also stressed that ADM’s medical and regulatory teams were there to support customers regarding the nutrition giant’s innovative ingredients and their impact in helping to treat conditions such as obesity, IBS, gut conditions, and metabolism-related issues.

Hoermann concluded that ultimately it’s about helping to elevate the daily diet to promote a more holistically healthy lifestyle – one that “supports the overall wellbeing of consumers”.

Watch the full interview here:


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