Agropur Ingredients broadens, makes changes to business structure

11 Jul 2017

U.S.-based Agropur Ingredients has announced a broadening of the ingredients business of Agropur Cooperative. Under the new structure, Agropur Ingredients will be comprised of three sectors.

Agropur Ingredients broadens, makes changes to business structure

U.S.-based Agropur Ingredients has announced a broadening of the ingredients business of Agropur Cooperative. Under the new structure, Agropur Ingredients will be comprised of three sectors: Nutrition Solutions, Dairy Solutions and Custom Solutions. The new platform will streamline the Agropur U.S. processes and allow the Cooperative to better serve its base of customers worldwide.

Agropur Ingredients is a global supplier of ingredients and services developed to create success in the food, beverage and nutritional industries. Whether sourcing ingredients or offering finished products,

Custom Solutions

Headquartered in Wisconsin, under the direction of Reneck Cayen, Custom Solutions offers expertise, ingredients and services tailor-made to address unique production and nutritional needs. Whether the objective is to improve product texture, shelf life, nutrition, output and cost — or to streamline operational processes with a turnkey contract manufacturer — Custom Solutions has capabilities to serve. Custom Solutions' La Crosse, Wisconsin, facility is quality certified: SQF 200, USDA – Grade A, Kosher, Organic, Certified GMP facility.

+ Contract Manufacturer

As the contract manufacturing provider to the elite of the sports nutrition and wellness industries, we are equipped to assist in all facets of product formulation, manufacturing, testing, packaging and distribution. Whether you need a proprietary formulation, toll processing, private label options or modification of an existing formula, Custom Solutions has the capabilities vital to getting your nutritional powder product on the market.

+ Specialty Blends

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, we're able to offer a full range of quality-based ingredient systems to the food and beverage industries. With decades of technical and functional experience, our experts can lead you to cost-effective, market friendly ingredient solutions. Specialty ingredient brands: Cornerstone Protein Products, Keystone Stabilizer Systems, Bakigen Bakery Ingredients, CapstoneAnti-Caking Agents, Darigen Select Specialty Powders, PZ-44 and Reddi-Sponge Dough Conditioners.

+ Ingredient Distribution

By design, Agropur says its selective procurement & manufacturing processes have built one of the strongest and most refined ingredient supply networks in the industry. Custom Solutions provides unique ingredients sourcing opportunities to better service customer requests and also offers fulfillment services.

Dairy Solutions

Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, the Dairy Solutions sector is led by David Curta. Dairy Solutions has a global reach, with 75 percent of its products sold and shipped to countries outside of the United States. Dairy Solutions provides support around the world, ensuring that its goods are available to as many food companies as possible. Dairy Solutions offers industry-leading quality, consistency, and supply of its products.

Lactose – Produced by crystallizing lactose from fresh sweet whey and then drying it. The product may then be ground to various particle sizes.

Premium deproteinized whey – A light-colored, free-flowing powder manufactured from fresh sweet whey under controlled processing conditions.

Crinolac dairy product solids – The Crino brand's lactose and reduced lactose whey products are formulated to be used in a wide range of food applications, from bakery products to beverages, dry mixes, snack foods, and confections.

Iso Chill 8000 and 8010 – Whey protein concentrates derived from fresh, sweet dairy whey that are further processed by unique cold filtered technology which concentrates the protein to an 80 percent level.

Nutrition Solutions

Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, under the direction of Polly Olson, the Nutrition Solutions sector produces specialty ingredients used for formulating a variety of products from infant formula to cosmetics, medical foods and protein supplements. Some of Nutrition Solutions' offerings include:

+ BiPRO – An all-natural, highly pure whey protein isolate produced from pasteurized whey through Agropur's proprietary ion exchange technology.

+ Glycomacropeptide – A casein-derived protein fraction that is free of phenylalanine, making it ideal for meeting the protein needs of people on phenyl-free diets. Agropur's glycomacropeptide received the 2017 Breakthrough Award for Dairy Ingredient Innovation.

+ Alpha-lactalbumin – Alpha-lactalbumin is the primary protein in human milk and Agropur produces the cleanest commercially available form at more than 92 percent purity. The ingredient allows infant formula manufacturers to create products that more closely resemble breast milk.

+ BioZate 7&3 – Hydrolyzed whey proteins with high amino acid bioavailability and clean flavor.

+ Iso Chill 9000 & 9010 – The Iso Chill line offers superior functional whey proteins produced by a novel low temperature cold microfiltration process. Iso Chill products contain a full balance of undenatured bioactive whey proteins.