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Benefits of using defoamers in food processing

1 Mar 2021

Foam can create many issues in food processing, such as promoting bacteria growth, posing a hazard from slippery surfaces and limiting vessle output by consuming precious vessel space. All these issues can be eliminated by choosing the right antifoam. We as MÜNZING offer a broad range of food grade antifoams under our MAGRABAR® brand to solve these issues.

We offer both liq­uid and powder products in a range of materials and concentrations, including options suitable for organic, non­GMO and identity preserved processing. All MAGRABAR® defoamers are Kosher, Halal and vegan. Furthermore we offer technical support for the optimum use of the antifoam in your process.


Benefits of using defoamers in food processing
Selection guide: how to choose the right type of antifoam

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