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Biorigin brings the concept of Savouring a mindful world to FIE

22 Nov 2019

Biorigin presents at FIE in its booth #6M111 natural ingredients based on fermentation for many of today´s label and formulations challenges including salt & sugar reduction, vegan & vegetarian recipes and clean label initiatives, such as Natural, NON GMO and Healthy.

“Current market trends shows that consumers are becoming increasingly aware what they eat and drink. They check labels, look to know regarding the food and beverages companies reputation and about their sustainable initiatives. At the same time, consumers are willing to moving out their comfort zones to explore bolder flavours and multisensory food experiences. They are seeking for pleasant food and beverages experiences without give up of taste, texture and quality”, says Renata Calonego, Biorigin Global Strategic Marketing Manager. “We brings to FIE the concept of ´Savouring a mindful world´”, she complements.

Biorigin brings the concept of Savouring a mindful world to FIE
Biorigin presents the concept of Savouring a mindful world

The company invites FI visitors to discovery the effect of its ingredients in a range of recipes. Claudia Crepaldi, Global Food Business Manager, tells that the technical application and product team works to build a interesting tasting demo sessions: “our team brings to the show different flavours experiences: we invite visitors to adventure in a brazilian recipe reduced in sodium, to “be green” and try plant based beverage and snack, and to be healthy and try reduced in sugar drink and sauce. More than flavour, our products add a pinch of health, natural and clean label appeals”.  

 Biorigin is always attentive with its participation in FIE. “It is a showcase where we can demonstrate our commitment to add value to our customers’ products by presenting solutions that match consumers’ demands. Delivering natural ingredients - natural flavours, yeast extracts and derivatives,  that benefit consumers’ health and the sustainability of the planet is Biorigin’s mission since its foundation, and not merely a way to comply with regulatory or health legislation. We invite FIE visitors to know more about our company”, adds Crepaldi.

Fi Europe will be held in Paris, France, on December 03-05.

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