Biorigin promoted clean label solutions at FIE

20 Dec 2019

Biorigin presented at FIE natural ingredients based on fermentation for many of today´s label and formulations challenges including salt & sugar reduction, vegan & vegetarian recipes and clean label initiatives, such as Natural, NON GMO, Healthy and Sustainable.

“Current market trends shows that consumers are becoming increasingly aware what they eat and drink. They check labels, look to know regarding the food and beverages companies reputation and about their sustainable initiatives. At the same time, consumers are willing to moving out their comfort zones to explore bolder flavours and multisensory food experiences. They are seeking for pleasant food and beverages experiences without give up of taste, texture and quality”, says Renata Calonego, Biorigin Global Strategic Marketing Manager. “We brought to FIE the concept of ´Savouring a mindful world´”, she complements.

Biorigin promoted clean label solutions at FIE
Team Biorigin at FIE

The company promoted different flavours experiences and invited visitors to adventure in a brazilian recipe of Black Bean Soup reduced in 40% sodium. “We used a yeast extract of our Bionis line and a natural flavour of our Bioenhance line to improve overall taste. The products acts in sinergy increasing salt perception and Umami, allowing to reduce the sodium in 40% and to deliver a healthy and clean label appeal to the soup recipe”, says Maria Helena Manhão Branco, Global Technical Food Application Specialist.

Plant based recipes were also promoted and Biorigin presented a tasteful hazelnut beverage and sweet potato chips with Bioenhance SFE 201.

Sugar reduction were other theme approached by the company. A natural flavour of Bioenhance line was used with a yeast extract of Bionis line to balance the overall taste and to improve mouthfeel and coffee taste of a coffee latte recipe, allowing to reduce the sugar in 25%. The most impressive sugar reduction were presented in a ketchup recipe. The company presented a recipe with Bioenhance SFE 201 reduced in 40% the sugar content. The product compensates the sugar reduction by balancing the overall taste, improving mouthfeel and Umami taste.

According to Claudia Crepaldi, Global Food Business Manager, “Bioenhance line of natural flavours is a versitle solution which could also be used in sinergism with other taste builders. Produced by a natural fermentation process, it has a clean savoury flavour profile and provides creamy, mouth-watering and full mouthfeel. It enriches and rounds flavour while maintaining integrity of original or desired flavour profile being suitable for a wide range of application including vegan and vegetarian, reduced in sodium and sugar. More than flavour, Bioenhance adds a pinch of health, natural and clean label appeals”.  

 To know the recipes presented by Biorigin at Food Ingredients Europe: Click the link below. 

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