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Biostevera is producer of organic stevia in Spain, founded in 2012 with the aim of introducing a healthy food ingredient to our nutritional habits, while changing the social background of Extremadura, Spain, transforming the management of the fields into organic management. 

Biostevera intends to impact the market from the fields to the final consumer, as well as, impacting our community in a more sustainable way. Biostevera wants to sweet people's health in a natural and healthy way
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STEVIA INSTANT: Infusion of stevia leaves (No Novel food) 100% soluble, 80-100 times sweeter than sugar. Perfect for food industry to sweet all kind of products.

NEW PRODUCT: Stevia infusion the first natural, (No Novel Food) five drops will taste like one spoon of sugar. We will show them at the Food Ingredients for everyone to try.

Natural           Sustainable          Organic option         Social        Vegan          E-free           EU Produced Locally sourced  

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Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; North America
Primary business activity Manufacturer: Food & Beverage Finished Products
Affiliated categories: Dairy |Flavours and Spices |Food Supplements / Nutraceuticals More

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