Brenntag, Borregard strike vanillin deal

11 Jun 2019

Brenntag Food & Nutrition has announced a new exclusive agreement with Borregaard for the distribution of the EuroVanillin PURE, EXPERT, and NATURAL product lines in the United States and Canada.

Borregaard is said to be the only global manufacturer of sustainable vanillin made from wood, a natural and renewable raw material.

Brenntag, Borregard strike vanillin deal

This, notes Brenntag, provides a distinctive product allowing for the creation of specialized flavours, and the exclusive agreement allows Brenntag to distribute synthetic vanillin, ethyl vanillin, and flavours with natural and clean label options.

The bio-based vanillin can be used in applications such as chocolate, dairy, bakery, confectionery, beverage and sweets. Since wood vanillin naturally occurs within a tree, studies suggest it has 29 times less carbon footprint than oil-based vanillin.

“Building off a long and successful history with Brenntag in the Northeast region, we are excited to expand our cooperation to all regions within the U.S. and Canada. The level of technical expertise the Food & Nutrition team offers, combined with Brenntag’s logistical and service network provide an ideal fit for our food and flavor ingredients business,” said Amie Byholt, Director of Sales, Borregaard. “The recent opening of the Brenntag Food & Nutrition Application & Development Center further increases Brenntag’s ability to provide full service solutions which incorporate and showcase the unique attributes of our products.”

Borregaard has worked to produce wood vanillin as a food flavouring since 1962. All food-grade products comply with USP/NF,, and FCC, and are registered as non-GMO, Kosher, and Halal approved. At a time when consumers are demanding more bio-based, eco-friendly products, Borregaard believes it is ideally suited to meet that need. For more than 130 years, Borregaard has been manufacturing products from natural raw materials consistent with the company’s philosophy that “Anything that can be made from oil, can be made from wood.”

“Our team is honoured to be Borregaard’s exclusive distributor for their Vanillin and Ethyl Vanillin portfolio in the United States and Canada,” said Larry Davis, Vice President Brenntag Food & Nutrition North America. “We believe our customers will greatly benefit from our combined technical expertise and our ability to assist with innovation and product development.”

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