Callebaut introduces Natural Dark chocolate

4 Sep 2019

Bensdorp, the premium cocoa brand of Barry Callebaut, has introduced Natural Dark, which it describes as a 100% natural and flavourful dark cocoa powder with a superior taste experience.

In a consumer test ,the new Natural Dark cocoa powder is said to have been approved by consumers from all over the world.

Callebaut introduces Natural Dark chocolate

According to the company, it enables food manufacturers to deliver a rich and chocolaty flavour in all major applications while offering a clean label.

Bensdorp Natural Dark cocoa powder is being introduced at a time when health-focused consumers are increasingly seeking out premium products that are tasty and have a short, recognizable ingredient list, the company says. Bensdorp Natural Dark cocoa powder’s alkali-free processing is claimed to hit all the right notes on rich flavour and the deep dark colour consumers prefer while retaining its 100% natural credentials. Thanks to this cocoa powder, the company says food manufacturers can now offer dark cocoa creations with intense chocolate taste while having a 100% clean label and natural positioning that hasn’t been possible until today.

“We are delighted to introduce Natural Dark after years of development and continuous improvements. Our biggest challenge was to create a cocoa powder that not only delivers a natural dark brown colour but brings a rich, chocolaty flavour that our customers can confidently use across all major applications. Since it’s a 100% natural proposition with a rich, chocolaty taste, we believe that this powder will set a new standard in the years to come,” said Steven Retzlaff, President Global Cocoa at Barry Callebaut Group.

The taste of the new chocolate is described as a mix of roasted cocoa, spices and a hint of dried fruits giving way to warm notes that blend well with toasted aromas, such as coffee or pecan nuts. Bursting with a rich, chocolaty flavour and premium dark brown colour, Barry Callebaut says that Natural Dark can be used in a much wider range of applications than other natural cocoa powders, delivering a unique sensory experience for chocolate lovers everywhere.