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Cambridge Commodities’ organic status meets demand for health-conscious consumers

17 Nov 2020

Cambridge Commodities have organic status, with organic approval from both DEFRA and The Soil Association for a number of products, which can be found in their trading schedule.

This lengthy process involves obtaining organic certificates and detailed information from manufacturers, ensuring packaging is food grade and proving all compound ingredients in products are organic.

Cambridge Commodities’ organic status meets demand for health-conscious consumers

What is driving the organic trend?

The demand for greater transparency is resulting in strong growth for organic and GMO-free foods. - Innova 2020

The pandemic has raised consumers’ demand for natural, organic, and functional food and beverage, in addition to quality food that focuses on their health. Consumers are even willing to pay more for organic quality products. The organic market report reveals that organic has reached its highest sales ever at £2.45bn.

Cambridge Commodities remains a step ahead in responding to consumers’ needs. With industry knowledge, market expertise and exclusive ingredients which have organic approval. They bring fresh thinking to new product development whether organic products or organic formulated blends.

Away from the food & beverage industry, the certified organic and natural beauty market in the UK is now worth £106.4m, according to the Soil Association.

Rigorous quality control

Sourcing organic ingredients from Cambridge Commodities ensures that high standards are met at every step of the supply chain. From approving factories to meet the organic certified standard, thorough external testing to be tested for pesticides to an accredited third party lab, an organic accredited facility which allows for products all to be prepared and packaged, to providing technical documentation for every product used. This ensures that your consumers can trust that their food & drink has been made in a consistently natural and environment friendly way.

Customers can view the list of organic materials they supply. Furthermore, they are able to specifically request a product be organic certified by simply contacting the team.

The organic trading schedule list can be viewed here