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Norkem offers a wide range of products which includes citric acid anhydrous. It belongs to citrates category. Material uses: it is a weak organic acid. It is a very versatile chemical and as such is used in a variety of sectors but predominantly relating to the food and drink industry where it can be used as a chelating agent, flavour, food colouring, acidity regulator and preservative amongst others. It is also used in cleaning, detergents, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. At room temperature it is a white crystalline powder and can exist in either anhydrous form (water free) or as a monohydrate (containing one water molecule). Packaging: material is available in 25 kilo and 1000 kilo nett big bags for solid and 1,000 litre ibc's or bulk road tankers for solution. Contact us for more information.
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Sales markets Western Europe
Supplied from United Kingdom

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