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CNT is a Peruvian company with vast experience manufacturing and trading colorants for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry and part of one of the biggest industrial and commercial groups in Peru with more than 70 years in the local and international market. We supervise and manage every process of the manufacturing of our colorants and pigments: from the raw material harvest to the final product development, since we count on an Extraction Plant of Cochineal Bug (Dactylopius Coccus Costa) and a R&D laboratory that allows us to generate an exclusive colorant portfolio.

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Sales markets Asia; Central/South America; Eastern Europe; North America; Western Europe
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Peru aims to lead the world’s natural color market

4 May 2019

Peru aims to lead the world’s natural color market

The sausages, meats, cheeses, jellies and even drinks that you consume often contain colorants that are used to make the product more visually appealing.

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