Comet Bio announces plant fibre extract

17 Oct 2019

Comet Bio, a manufacturer of healthy and sustainable ingredients, has announced the launch of its Arabinoxylan Plant Fibre Extract.

The plant-based, gluten-free PREbiotic dietary fibre is said to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut and to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels at a three grams per serving level.

Comet Bio announces plant fibre extract
Source: Comet Bio

Arabinoxylan Plant Fibre Extract is fully soluble, making it functional and easy to use in supplements, foods, and beverages.

“There is clear consumer demand for ingredients that support the gut microbiome. A recent study found 70% of Americans want to increase their fibre intake, whereas 88% of millennials are interested in prebiotic products,” said Rich Troyer, CEO of Comet Bio. “Our PREbiotic helps support the growth of good bacteria in the gut, and provides supplement, food, and beverage manufacturers the opportunity to enhance the nutritional profiles of their products, while boosting their sustainability claims.”

Arabinoxylan is a naturally-occurring fibre found in the cell walls of many plants. Comet Bio produces its Arabinoxylan Plant Fibre Extract through its proprietary process, which uses upcycled farm leftovers such as leaves, stalks, and shells as feedstock. By doing so, the company notes that its ingredient is highly sustainable and closes the loop on the food system. Every year, it says, vast amounts of food waste occurs, costing consumers an estimated $46 billion. Comet Bio’s PREbiotic is said to help mitigate this industry waste by extracting nutrients from these leftovers and providing supplement and food companies a healthy and sustainable ingredient.

“Due to our upcycling approach, we are able to produce our Arabinoxylan Plant Fiber Extract in a fully soluble powder that can be used in a myriad of products,” said Troyer. “It works great in the development of protein powders for the nutraceutical word, or as a fiber boost for nutrition bars, baked goods, and drinks.”

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