Contemporary Snacking Solutions

10 Apr 2017

It’s all about the snacks! With its SNACKMAXX® brand and whole grain ingredients, GoodMills Innovations presents “free from” healthy snacking solutions that enable manufacturers to create tailored concepts.

Going gluten-free

Masa flours offer excellent processing properties for the production of gluten-free tortilla chips and taco shells. As they are processed using a special dry milling technology, the dough has excellent machineability and does not stick to equipment surfaces. Particle distribution is homogenous and a uniform viscosity ensures consistent dough quality. The corn-based flours are guaranteed to be non-GMO.

The company’s portfolio of wafer ingredients can be used to create versatile wafer products such as flat and hollow wafers and ice cream cones. Both sweet and savoury taste profiles can be created, as well as an appealing golden-yellow colour. Containing no additives or gluten, they’re a perfect fit for the current “free-from” trend.

Contemporary Snacking Solutions

Indulgent whole grain options

Nowadays, a snack is not just a simple in-between meal, it’s a lifestyle issue. Millenials in particular tend to snack several times a day, so the demand for healthy snacking products is significantly on the rise. With SNOW® WHEAT and SNOW® SPELT, GoodMills Innovations offers whole grain concentrates that combine an outstanding taste profile with excellent processing and nutritional properties. Especially spelt as an ancient grain is a booming ingredient in the snack segment, hence SNOW® SPELT allows for promising positionings.

The grain products are based on carefully selected varieties of wheat and spelt and which deliver unique sensory properties: a mild taste, a pleasant mouthfeel and an appealing bright colour. As such, they are very close to standard refined flours from a sensory viewpoint – while providing natural health benefits! Both ingredients are ideally suitable for the production of whole grain wafers, (breakfast) cookies and breakfast cereals. But there are far more applications to discover, GoodMills Innovation will be happy to help!

Keen to explore the possibilities for innovative snack products? Contact us at [email protected] You can also meet our snack experts in person on 21–22 June at SnackEx in Vienna, booth 633.